venerdì 22 luglio 2016

IDEAS for CLIL ACTIVITIES : Houses and Homes!

"Home" can mean many different things to different people. Children explore the concept of home by looking at houses around the world, in the past and present. They investigate representations of homes in Fairy tales. They discuss the inter-relationships within the home and the difference between a house and a home.
House or Home?
Suggested Learning Intentions
As a class brainstorm the word ‘home’. Discuss what makes a home, for example, the people and/or family who live in it, safety and security, your room or your belongings. Identify similarities and differences between the pupils’ families, such as, the number of children, adults and extended families. Find out about and discuss different sayings related to home, such as, ‘home is where the heart is’ and ‘home sweet home’. Create your own sayings about home.  
What Do Different Houses And
Homes Look Like?
Suggested Activities  
Find storybooks and fairytales that are set in different houses, for example,Snow White’ or ‘The Three Little Pigs’. After shared and modelled reading,work in pairs to compare and contrast the different features of the houses (location, size, materials). Discuss how the story would differ if one of the features were changed, for example, if the rst pig’s house had been made of bricks.